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Interior Design Package


Project Analysis

Project analysis in interior design is the process of gathering and evaluating information about a design project to understand its goals, constraints, and opportunities. It helps designers make informed decisions and develop effective design strategies.


Conceptual & Schematic Design

The conceptual stage in interior design is where initial ideas and design concepts are developed to establish the overall look and feel of a space.


Material Selection & 3D Renders

Material selection in interior design is the process of choosing appropriate materials for various elements in a design project, where 3D renders in interior design are realistic images that depict how the designed space will look.


Working Shop Drawings

Working shop drawings in interior design are detailed technical drawings that provide precise information for the construction and installation of design elements.


FF & E 

FF&E in interior design refers to the furniture, fixtures, and equipment that are added to a space for functionality and aesthetics.


Bill of Quantity

A bill of quantities in interior design is a detailed document listing all materials, products, and services needed for a project, including quantities and specifications.

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